Missouri Federal Medical Prison

  • Sale Price: $225,000.00
  • Start Date: February 2013
  • Project Completion: August 2013

Scope of Work

The Federal Medical Prison originally had a corridor return air system with louvers in the doors. It was MSI responsibility to convert the air flow to a ceiling plenum return air system. This required MSI to core drill, cut walls and install steel perforated return grills. All work was under federal prison/ Hospital condition.strong>


  • Core drilled walls to install new piping and ductwork.
  • Removed ceiling tile to access existing fan coil units.


  • The original corridor return grilles/louvers were removed and replaced with ¼ steel to keep prisoners from accessing each space.
  • Installed ¼” steel perforated plates at areas core drilled to access above plenums.
  • Installed ¼” perforated plates at all areas where the block walls were removed.