Hammons Hall Project at MSU

  • Sale Price: $569,188.00
  • Start Date: March 20, 2013
  • Substantial Completion: May 31, 2013
  • Final Completion: June 30, 2013

Scope of Work

Connected JQH Arena, Wher Band Hall and Hammons Performing Arts facility to the underground chilled water loop system at Missouri State University. The work included installing new pumps in mechanical rooms and all the associated piping and material associated in order to make system functional with campus loop.


  • Remove (1) chiller at Wher Band Hall and (2) chillers at Hammons Performing Arts Building. This included all associated piping, air separators, insulation, valves, fittings, hangers, supports and electrical.
  • Remove inline pumps and associated piping, insulation, fittings, etc. in both mechanical rooms.
  • Excavated below the frost line at north side of JQH Arena across Harrison St. and continued north on Clay St. to tie-in points at Wher Band Hall.
  • The excavating continued on Clay St. crossing Cherry St. to tie-in point at Hammons Performing Arts Building connecting the loop to all three buildings.


  • Inside JQH’s service area we installed (2) 8” CWR & CWS lines through service hallway and stubbed out at north side of building. This is the area we previously excavated in the demolition part.
  • TFrom JQH we ran our chilled water lines over 1,000ft making branches off the main lines in order to make our connections into both Wher Band Hall and Hammons Performing Arts Building.
  • Inside both buildings we installed new pumps and associated material to continue the loop system.
  • A hydrostatic test was performed during construction and at the end. (Hydrostatic test allows contractor to know if leaks are in the system.
  • All piping was insulated above ground.
  • Installed concrete and asphalt at locations excavated.
  • Test & Balance on the water performed to ensure proper flow throughout the loop.