USDA Grain & Animal Research Building

  • Sale Price: $1,250,000.00
  • Start Date: March 1, 2011
  • Completion Date: October 1, 2011

Scope of Work:

The USDA Center for Grain and Animal Health Research (formerly Grain Marketing Production and Research Center) is a 56,000 square foot research facility constructed in 1969. The facility had persistent roof problems, extreme temperature fluctuations, inadequate laboratory exhaust, high energy usage and electrical distribution inconsistencies. In the second phase the design and construction documents were completed for phases three and four, which included the construction of a swing space providing temporary work space for researchers and administration during construction and environmental chambers at the conclusion of construction, a mechanical room addition to allow the replacement of the existing chillers and boilers, as well as the final modernization phase which systematically removed the existing support utilities and replaced them with new systems while keeping the remainder of the facility on-line.


  • Installed piping from two existing AHU Supply/Return lines to an exhaust plenum pulling 100% building air.
  • Installed new coils at this location to catch exhaust air to help temper the water during cooling season and heating season.
  • Installed Autovar to level out the electrical spikes, peaks and valleys during operation.
  • New transformer installed to better control the load of building.
  • Installed 800ft of fiber optics for facility.
  • Resurfaced 10,000,00 sqft. Of parking lot. Overlaid and striped.
  • Graded & Finished 10,000,00 sqft. Of building lot. Built berm for run-off.