Phelps Elementary Building

  • Sale Price: $925,370.00
  • Notice to Proceed: April 2, 2012
  • Substantial Completion: December 1, 2012
  • Final Completion: February 1, 2013

Scope of Work

MSI was hired to retrofit HVAC and all accompanying mechanical components for Phelps Elementary in Springfield Missouri. As well as complete the finishing work required in the classrooms and hallways as a result of the new HVAC system we installed. We first began an extensive demolition process which required us to remodel all the outdated systems in the building. Then we created a more modern appeal with exposed spiral which was painted to match the walls. When completed the school received a significant upgrade in system and aesthetic.


  • Removed existing mechanical systems (boilers, steam & condensate piping, steam header, radiators and gym rooftop unit (RTU).
  • Removed plaster ceilings on 1st & 2nd floor to access ductwork in areas indicated on site plans.
  • Remove existing ductwork, boiler flues and cap ductwork at any location noted on prints.
  • Removed electrical panels (MDP, Transfer switch, emergency panel and overhead wire from city transformer to building.


  • (1)ERV (Energy Recovery Unit) Also known as a MAU
  • (1)AHU (Air Handler Unit) in gym.
  • (25) Fan Coil Units w/electric heat
  • (1) DX Fan Coil w/Condenser
  • (1) 60T Chiller
  • (1) Evaporator Coil
  • (2) Water Pumps to circulate water through system
  • (2) Exhaust fans
  • All associated ductwork for classrooms, offices and hallways. This involved saw cutting through block, brick and plaster. (Patching required for finishes).
  • Exposed spiral in all classrooms. (Painted to match walls)
  • All associated hydronic piping for chilled water system. This involved core drilling through floors and chase ways in order to get from basement to 2nd floor. (Patching required for finishes)
  • All refrigerant piping from chiller to evaporator. (This involved pumping down piping to 500 microns and charging system with 410A refrigerant).
  • Insulation on all piping and unlined ductwork.
  • New fire alarm and emergency lighting systems.
  • New Underground Electrical Service (MDP, Transfer switches.
  • Emergency panel, subpanels and new controls for BAS.
  • New piping from main gas line located in the middle of Kimbrough Avenue.
  • New ADA concrete ramp and stairs along with new fencing around the chiller.
  • New backup generator.
  • New soffits, arches and transoms.
  • New drop ceiling and light fixtures.
  • Test & Balance (air & water)