Plaster Student Union Ballroom & Elevators

Plaster Student Union Phase II at Missouri State University was a complete architectural, electrical, and audio/visual renovation of the third floor ballroom and elevators. The ballroom was remodeled in 1999 and had since become outdated and no long fit the needs of the university.

The remodel consisted of removing all existing carpet, lighting, wall coverings and audio/visual components. The updated design for the ballroom included a new energy efficient LED lighting system and state of the art audio/visual system controlled with a Crestron building integration system for full and complete user control of the space.

Along with all new high traffic carpet tile MSI installed three new unique lighting features from 3-Form. The 3-Form lighting features are made from a high strength poly-resin material, suspend, with stainless steel threaded rod, below ceiling mounted fixtures and give a dramatic effect. The walls and columns in the ballroom, because of the constant use and abuse of the space, received a high strength vinyl covering complete with corner guards provided by Koroguard. The elevators, serving the ballroom and entire student union, were completely renovated. New suspended cloud ceiling, carpet and LED lighting compliments the new wall mounted university graphics sealed and protected with a clear acrylic cover.