Spokane High School

Scope of Work


MSI Constructors was hired to provide complete mechanical service for Spokane High School. This project included all existing buildings as well as their newly constructed building over the highway.


  • Installed (27) heat pump split systems.
  • Installed Return air ductwork & Supply ductwork for each unit.
  • Installed Louvers for Outside air application.
  • Installed motorized dampers for Outside air modulation.
  • Installed Outside air ductwork that connected to each split systems in order to achieve the required outside air percentage.
  • Installed Refrigerant lines for each of the (27) heat pumps. Lines extended from 60ft, 80ft and 100ft.
  • Installed new control wires for thermostats and CO2 sensors.
  • Ran primary and secondary drains for heat pumps.
  • Added 410A refrigerant to equipment.
  • Ran exhaust ductwork through second floor and connected to exhaust fan.